"Shut up, Bluefur! Show it your teeth, Tigerpaw!" ― Thistleclaw encouraging Tigerpaw to attack Tiny[[source]]

Thistleclaw is a gray tom with a white underbelly, paws, ear tips, and tail. He has a dark-gray patch on his back, ears, and underneath his eyes. He has ginger eyes.[1]



He is seen walking away with Bluefur and Tigerpaw in the last panel.[2]

Into The Woods

When Bluestar talks about her clan, Thistleclaw is seen lying in a pool of blood in one of the panels, showing that Thistleclaw is no longer a part of ThunderClan.[3]

In the flashback, Thistleclaw asks his apprentice, Tigerpaw, if he knows what to do with the intruder.[4] He tells Bluefur to shut up and starts to encourage Tigerpaw to attack him once more.[5] Thistleclaw tells Bluefur that she was too soft on the intruder and that it was his fault that he was there in the first place.[6]


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